Part Time Support Staff Ratify First Collective Agreement

We are pleased to announce that the first ever collective agreement for part-time support staff in Ontario’s 24 colleges has been ratified by the College support staff part-time employees.

It is great news for part-time support staff in the post-secondary education sector across the province that the terms of the agreement have been accepted. This two-year agreement was the result of nine months of open and honest collective bargaining between CEC and OPSEU, and it meets the needs of Ontario’s colleges, employees, students, and the communities they serve. 

This agreement provides fair terms and conditions for the more than 14,000 part-time workers who play an important role in developing career-ready Ontarians. It also recognizes that over half our part-time workers are current students and ensures they can continue to access part-time opportunities during their time at college. These job opportunities provide income and valuable experience to students, helping jump-start their careers.

We would like to thank the College support staff part-time employees for ratifying the terms of the agreement, and OPSEU for its role in negotiating the deal. We look forward to our continued work together to ensure long-term success for workers, students, service users, and Ontario’s 24 colleges.