Part-Time Support Staff Collective Agreement Negotiations – Update 5

Year-End Update

The College Employer Council has been engaged in collective bargaining negotiations with OPSEU since the end of May, working to establish a collective agreement for part-time support staff that will provide long-term success for all part-time support staff and for Ontario’s 24 colleges.

Most recently we have begun to tackle some of the more substantive issues in front of us as we work to find common ground for this important first agreement for our part-time support staff.

It is worth noting that while these negotiations have been ongoing, there is a substantial amount of change that is happening within the provincial government. Starting with the new government’s arrival in June, there have been a number of legislative changes that have occurred relevant to Colleges. The bargaining committee continues to examine these new developments as part of their work.

Bargaining Schedule – new dates added

Although we have yet to reach a final agreement, discussions have been productive, and we have found agreement on a number of issues. But there is more work to do. We have scheduled further bargaining dates and will meet for additional bargaining sessions in the new year on January 28th, 29th, and 30th.

We’re looking forward to continuing negotiations in order to reach a fair agreement that will:

  • Maintain local operational flexibility in support of academic delivery, service delivery, and student success;
  • Recognize the diversity of part-time employment relationships that have been developed in the Colleges; and
  • Provide students with employment opportunities during their time at college as a means of earning money while studying and gaining valuable experience that helps them jump-start their careers.

Ontario’s Colleges are an employer of choice in the communities they serve and continue to be for both full and part-time workers. We look forward to reaching an agreement in 2019 that will solidify that position for the years ahead. As always, we will provide updates as negotiations progress.


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