Exam Invigilators at Mohawk College

Staffing flexibility is a key factor in the work of part-time support staff.  Exam invigilators at Mohawk College are just one of many part-time support roles that help the College maintain its high academic standard.

Being an exam invigilator requires maturity, confidence and adaptability. You must anticipate problems before they happen and know how to solve them. Invigilators are crucial to making the examination process run smoothly – registering students, explaining instructions, and conducting standard administration. In many cases, without them, exams wouldn’t be possible. It’s a lot of responsibility but seeing students succeed makes it worth it.

Colleges like Mohawk require the operational flexibility to scale up work during peak periods and be nimble to respond to changing student needs throughout the academic calendar. Exams typically happen at the end of each semester, and staffing levels reflect that. In 2017, Mohawk contracted 201 invigilators to work during exam times and called on almost all of them for their services. Having that flexibility allows Mohawk to staff examinations properly and account for any unforeseen issues that inevitably come up.

Invigilators are the face of the College during exams and support both students and faculty. Often, they’re the main trouble-shooter in the room! You must balance multiple demands at once and be able to think on your feet. It’s also great professional experience –learning to stay calm under pressure and how to be accountable, as well as developing excellent written and verbal communications skills.

Being an exam invigilator at Mohawk College is about so much more than just collecting papers and having extra pencils handy.