Ontario Colleges Begin Work Toward Negotiating Fair and Reasonable Collective Bargaining Agreement with Part-Time Support Staff Employees

Ontario’s College Employers have completed two successful negotiating sessions with the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union (OPSEU), which is representing Part-Time Support Staff employees. Both parties are working toward developing the first-ever collective agreement with these workers.

Don Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of the College Employer Council, commented as the first of two negotiating sessions concluded:

“We’re focused on negotiating a fair and reasonable first collective agreement for our people, and one that also allows Colleges to continue to have the flexibility to effectively respond to the unique needs of students and communities we serve.

As we continue the discussion our goals also include:

  • Maintaining local operational flexibility and productivity in support of academic delivery, service delivery and student satisfaction and success;
  • Demonstrating cooperation and problem solving through open and respectful communication with the employees’ bargaining agent;
  • Ensuring any agreement recognizes the diversity of part-time employment relationships that have been developed in the Colleges;
  • Recognizing the unique needs of the Part-Time Support Staff employees in a separate collective agreement; and,
  • Ensuring that students continue to have access to numerous part-time work opportunities to provide experience and income during their time at college. Over half of our part-time workers are college students. Part time work allows them to earn money while studying and gain valuable experience that helps them jump-start their careers.

We are proud that Ontario’s Colleges are an employer of choice in the communities they serve and will continue to be for both full and part-time workers.

We look forward to continuing discussions in the weeks ahead.”

Media inquiries:

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